Waldorf Estate of Fear

The harvest begins October 1...the soul harvest. Oliver is weak and has one month to collect the souls he needs to survive the year in Abaddon. Lucky for him he has the damned, who still wander the halls, to do his bidding for him. You see, many check in but only the fortunate check out. Will you survive your stay? Find out this fall...we dare you!

Come face to face with your favorite horror movie villains in this outdoor walking trail. Our realistic sets will have you thinking you just stepped inside your favorite horror movies. Will you survive a trip to Summer Camp or wake up from your nightmare? Find out in our newest attraction which will surely have you screaming!!

Apocalypse Escape Rooms The apocalypse has hit and you find yourself fighting for your life in a zombie infested wasteland when a survivor offers you refuge. He locks you in for safe keeping while he goes to look for more survivors but are you truly safe? Your room holds up to 10 survivors who have 30 minutes to solve the riddles and clues that lead you to the key to get out before the undead get in. This is a medium level escape game recommended for 12 yrs or older. Reservations are suggested since availability is limited.

VIP Upgrades Add a VIP upgrade to any ticket and gain entrance through a shorter line.

Our good old fashion haunted attraction relies on live actors to deliver our scares. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Halloween fun!!


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Waldorf Estate of Fear
6325 Interchange Road
Lehighton, PA 18235