Cursed Escape Room

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction

201 Central City Rd, Central City, IA 52214

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Norman Goemaat has been a longtime resident of Central City, and is well known throughout the area. After a successful career as a bookseller, Norman retired to follow his passion for Numismatics, the study and collecting of coins and currency. Goemaat traveled throughout the world after his retirement and became known as an expert in ancient European coinage after his discovery of a Celtic vault in the far north of Scotland. However, after his most recent trip to the Celtic vault, the normally gregarious and outgoing, Goemaat became so withdrawn that his friends described him as a “Hermit” and a “Recluse.”

Last night, Goemaat’s maid contacted his family after 3 weeks of visiting his house to clean and not seeing head nor tail of him, he even forgot to pay her salary! In turn, the family contacted your group to go into

Norman’s secret room to see if he is in there, and if deceased, what may have caused his demise. When you enter the room, you hear the “click” of the door, and find that you are locked in. You heard rumors from the family that should this happen, there is another way out, but where, and how do you unlock it?


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Cursed Escape Room poster
Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction
201 Central City Rd
Central City, IA 52214