Black Widow Betty's Boutique


From $35.00

Tue, July 23rd, 2024 @ 11:45AM PDT (multiple times available)

A millennia ago the balance of good and evil threatened to shatter as the dark Lord Larzipan and his hordes of minions threated to enslave all the realms, sending the world into chaos and despair.

From that time on a wizard or a witch from each realm was chosen for their magical might; the chosen wizards and witches were tasked for one last desperate attempt to push back the evil horde to vanquish the dark lord. This was a success, or so we thought.

All this time the world grew and the realms have flourished, most have forgotten of Lord Larzipan, and the ancient magick used to banish him.

Now after a millennia of slumber darkness has threatened to tear through the veil, bringing the return of Lord Larzipan.

The old ways have almost all been forgotten, only a small sect of humanity that has been tasked with protecting the realms remains.

It is up to this wayward group of wizards and witches to banish Lord Larzipan and the evil he brings, before it's to late.

Black Widow Bettie has offered to open her boutique, the only safe meeting area that Lord Larzipan cannot see into.

You must find the items you need to complete the spell required to repair the rift and banish Lord Larzipan for good.

Can you gather the ingredients needed to complete the spell in time before its to late? 


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