1220 W 9th St, Upland, CA 91786

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MURDERCO is the nation’s first R-Rated horror escape experience. Uncover the mysteries of the high-priced, high-society underground black market sports ring enabling voyeuristic individuals to privately witness a live murder take place. Beyond the scant rumors found on the Black Web, not much is known about the enigmatic company. It is only after guests sign-up that the specific details of the ominous MurderCo will be revealed. For those brave enough to make the plunge after signing a waiver, dangerous secrets unravel, surrounding guests with terror.

MURDERCO is more than simply solving puzzles, combinations or finding keys to break out of a locked room. The high-level adventure incorporates unique entertainment elements matched with intense scenes of harsh violence, pitfalls and physicality. Groups of up to eight members find themselves trapped in a gore and chaos-filled race for survival.

The unique and thrilling experience takes 1-hour to complete and guests should plan to arrive 15-minutes prior to their scheduled time. Due to the explicit nature of the experience, only adults 18-years of age and older are permitted.


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Black Market Escape Rooms
1220 W 9th St
Upland, CA 91786
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