Atrophy Escape Ward - Escape Room

Cayo Industrial Horror Realm / Atrophy Escape Ward

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Explore a hidden antiquated asylum exclusive to your own group of friends, family, parties, and coworkers in this 1-hour interactive theatrical "escape room" style experience. A step out of the ordinary. Allows groups of 2-6 persons.

Vintage polaroid photos of your group available to share on your social and a nostalgic Atrophy Ward card.

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ATROPHY TICKETS AVAILABLE (Click Here for tickets)

Experience immersive situations, solve puzzles, unfold secrets, and even encounter patients along this mysterious dreamlike adventure. Each room meets your own procedures with your group to free yourselves from the confinements of the asylum.

Those interested in group activities, night events, escape rooms, birthday ideas, anniversaries, celebrations, off-broadway theater, team building, living in the past, or just searching for that something different to do, Atrophy Escape Ward is imagined for you.

You will NOT be paired with strangers, enjoy with just your own group. The last time slot of the night, you may meet the cast.


There may be strobes, flashing lights, scents, startling effects, for those prone. Not recommended for any children, this is preferably an adult experience.

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TRAVELERS coming out of town to see Atrophy, feel free to email us for restaurant/lodging recommendations in the area.

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A multi-sensory world of effects, hallucinations, and altered states awaits!


I would like to say yet again what a amazing experience the team at Atrophy Escape Ward creates. Nothing like it the time and dedication this team put in to create an experience like this is amazing. We travel 2 1/2 hours every year to participate in this and will do so again. A huge shout out and thank you to this team. - Mike

What an absolutely incredible experience! A cohesive story is told as you travel through a setting that is impressively detailed. The actors are all wonderful, committed to enhancing the experience while also making sure you get the most out of each room. Enjoy every detail as you pass through the attraction because it is one of a kind. An absolute blast was had by our group. We highly recommend it and may even go again! - Justin

I cannot say enough about this experience! I had the time of my life and enjoyed every second. The location, set, props, storyline, actors and overall presentation were impressive to say the least. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an interactive experience! I'm so glad we scored tickets before this sold out! - Jessica



Insanity fills the halls with crippled minds disguised by their own beliefs of a beautiful world.


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In the event the venue cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.